Rakesh Rajdev's Kanuda Mitra Mandal - A constant effort to help the needy

It is now known to one and all how great a personality is Mr Rakesh Rajdev. Being the sole owner of Roma Kristo Hotel in Dwarka, he is also involved in a very active and tremendously helpful social organization, named Kanuda Mitra Mandal. Mr Rakesh Rajdev has the heart of a true altruist.

During the pandemic, when all the helping warriors were relentlessly helping the infected people and could not risk going back to their respective homes, Mr Rakesh Rajdev took a giant step forward. With the help of his social organization, Kanuda Mitra Mandal, and associating with several other organizations; he arranged several hotel rooms and rest places for all the frontline corona warriors out there. 

This inspired the fighters to work with even more determination and dedication. A true altruist, someone like Mr Rakesh Rajdev, does not differentiate between the rich or the poor, neither does he care about what he gets in return for all this help. Irrespective of the caste, religion, gender or race, Mr RakeshRajdev has guided Kanuda Mitra Mandal to help thousands of such needy people in every possible way.

Apart from the pandemic, Kanuda Mitra Mandal, under the guidance of Mr Rakesh Rajdev, has lent a helping hand in numerous other situations. During natural calamities like floods or droughts, Kanuda Mitra Mandal has arranged all the means to provide food and shelter to the affected ones. They ensured that the kids were given extreme care and attention. Not only food and shelter, but the members of Kanuda Mitra Mandal have also worked day in and day out to give medical assessments, remedies, and numerous other amenities to the people.

Mr Rakesh Rajdev also understands the importance of environment conservation. He and his organization, the Kanuda Mitra Mandal, have conducted several environmental drives where they spread awareness about the importance of nature and natural beings. 

Hundreds of people have joined this social organization during these drives to offer a helping hand to the needy. Together, they work towards conserving the environment by planting trees, cleaning beaches, and disposing off the waste collected at other natural places. Mr Rakesh Rajdev also follows up on his work by making sure that the plantations are watered, fertilized, and taken good care of.

The Kanuda Mitra Mandal has also proved to be extremely helpful in cases of animal safety and animal cruelty. This social organization has aided several stray dogs with their diseases. It always has a veterinary doctor in near contact. 

Kanuda Mitra Mandal also has a huge hand in saving animals from cruelty. It has been successful in releasing many cows and goats from abattoirs (slaughterhouses). Parallelly, Kanuda Mitra Mandal has also found a home to many stranded dogs and cats. Moreover, the organization has operated impatiently to find people who are willing to adopt such stranded animals.

Under the influence of  Mr Rakesh Rajdev, Kanuda Mitra Mandal has had a long success story. Since its commencement, the Mandal has inspired and encouraged hundreds of people to work towards helping the needy. This social organization does everything in its power to ensure to better tomorrow!


  1. There is instantaneous need in our society of many such NGOs to work for the uplifting of the downtrodden.


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