Get to know about the believer of giving - Rakesh Rajeev

The hardworking pioneer, Rakesh Rajdev is the name of integrity and honor. His work inspires millions of people. He initiates the Roma Kristo hotel. His enormous and inspiring work motivates society and humanity to the betterment. His work glorifies more at the time of the pandemic situation.

About Rakesh Rajeev

The Pioneer of Roma Kristo hotel Rakesh Rajdev was an honest, loyal, and down-to-earth person. Though he had some business rivals, eventually those business rivals took advantage to defame him by triggering his innocent and kind nature. 

Mr. Rakesh Rajdev was so strong and that led him to not let his name suffer by getting help from him as usual. After struggling with many hindrances in court proceedings he was finally successful to make himself clear and prove innocent. 

After this downstream of his career, he again made a fresh start to his work and continued to help people mainly in covid situations. The life story of Rakesh Rajiv learns that the consequences of business rivals never affect the good people from their contribution to the welfare of society.

His contribution to the pandemic situation

At the time of the coronavirus pandemic, Rakesh Rajeev appeared as a solution for distressed people who are highly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. While leaving from home was prohibited by the government guidelines, many people got into trouble for accomplishing cremation ceremonies. 

Rakesh Rajdev with his friend Kaunda Mitra took a noble and bold step to provide unlimited help for the helpless people. They also provided enormous aid to the affected people. 50000 laborers were given food packets, sanitation kits in 34 trains by the initiative of Rakesh Rajdev and his friend. 

It was the grace of Rakesh Rajeev that not a single labor train was missed out to provide aid. Additionally, it was also possible for the assistance of the kaunda Mitra Mandal. Rakesh Rajdev with his friend ensured traveling to their native places of fifty thousand laborers from Rajkot. The contribution of Rakesh Rajeev and his friend was significant and impactful for the welfare of society.

Rakesh Rajdev and his remarkable contribution

Rakesh Rajdev is also actively involved in Kanuda Mitra Mandal, which is a social organization who helps needy people. Kanuda Mitra Mandal has been helping the poor for many years. Kanuda Mandal's unfailing dedication to helping all people in need has been a constant highlight. He received many appreciation letters and certificates from local and national communities. Corona virus is a deadly virus that has afflicted many people.

Contributions to society

Under Mr Rakesh Rajdev's leadership, Kanuda Mandal has made a significant contribution to the society. This social organization has helped over 8000 students by providing educational kits. This social organization distributed food packets and bags to children of migrant laborers during the Covid pandemic.

Mr Rakesh Rahdev, in fond remembrance of his father Late Sh. Pratap bhai rajdev, arranged a special event to help the needy on latter’s Death Anniversary. He helped many people in need by giving school bags, lunch boxes and water bottles to everyone from the 1st through 9th grades.

Celebrate the death anniversary of father Late Pratapbhai Rajdev, Rakesh Rajdev believes that if you help someone in distress, you can also celebrate your special day. Helping others in need makes your big day memorable and more joyful. Your big day will be remembered by the kindness of people who have helped you in times of great distress.

He also organize the event,  where Rakesh Rajdev ensured that everyone in need receives the best possible help. Mr Rakesh Rajdev invites everyone to the Blood Donation Camp in Honour of Late Pratap bhairajdev.

Rakesh Rajdev- A gem of a person

Rakesh Rajdev is not only a businessman, an owner but at the same time a social worker. He is associated with a social organization named Kanuda Mitra Mandal. He is from Rajkot, Gujarat.

He follows in his own ideology of helping others. He is a man found in millions. He is a genuine person who believes in giving without expecting anything in return. Apart from doing charity through the social organization, he is attached with the name Kanuda Mitra Mandal, he works tirelessly for the people during festive seasons.

It was even during the Pandemics, Rakesh Rajdev worked for the people. Through Kanuda Mitra Mandal, he arranged luxury rooms for the front line Covid warriors, arranged beds for the patients, and even distributed stationary goods to the poor.

But in spite of all such good deeds, he was defamed by his business rivals and was even dragged to court. But he came out of all these hassles and returned to his own work.

He is truly an example of a man with a golden heart.


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