Mr Rakesh Rajdev: An elite social worker

Mr Rakesh Rajdev the owner of Roma Kristo hotel is also involved in a social organization named Kanuda Mitra Mandal.

Have you ever come across anyone who is the owner of a 3-star hotel in Dwarka and is also actively involved in social work? Are these types of people really down to earth? Are they really able to get involved in both and yet succeed at both roles?

Rakesh Rajdev - The social worker

Well, if you have a look at this elite social worker – Mr Rakesh Rajdev, then you will feel no need to find answers to these questions. He is a personality that is very engaging, down to earth and honest person. Kanuda Mitra Mandal under the guidance of Mr Rakesh Rajdev has been successful in achieving all the goals for any social activity conducted. He has actively made his contribution to society even in times of the deadly pandemic.

Of course, there have been times that were very difficult for him to pass, but this soul never gave up. When meeting this person, it feels as if he doesn't know the words – GIVE UP. Such an enthusiastic person who has helped many migrants get to their homes safely during the pandemic, distributed many food packets and stationery vouchers for the children, provided his 3-star hotel for the frontline warriors – The Doctors during the Covid situation, provide help to all the needy people in ways possible, and many more social activities that would help to uplift the society and help the ones in dire need.

Mr Rakesh Rajdev has made many contributions to society not only at times of distress but has also been a believer in spreading joy at the times of festivals so that every person can feel the joy of festivals.

Experience a luxurious stay at Mr Rakesh Rajdev’s Roma Kristo Hotel.

Are you planning to go to Dwarka? Well, if yes, then plan a visit to Mr Rakesh Rajdev’s Roma Kristo hotel to experience the luxurious stay that will be remembered throughout your life.

All about Roma Kristo Hotel

This 3-star property is an apple to the eye. The outstanding d├ęcor and ambience will definitely give you an amazing stay. The warm hospitality that you will find at Roma Kristo Hotel will make you fall in love with it. The owner of Roma Kristo Hotel, Mr Rakesh Rajdev is the politest person you must have seen in your life. When you visit this hotel and meet the owner at the entrance greeting you with a smile and warmness, you will feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Get comfort away from home

When you reside in a hotel, you tend to expect a different level of comfort as you are away from home. Mr RakeshRajdev’s Roma Kristo Hotel provides you with the same different level of comfort that you expect being away from home. The rooms here are spacious, have a very welcoming and friendly staff, delicious food, great ambience, warm-hearted owner greeting you always with a  smile and always present at your service. What else do you require?

Rakesh Rajdev’s social life

Mr Rakesh Rajdev is also involved in social work at the social organisation – Kanuda Mitra Mandal. Are you surprised? Well, it is really a matter of fact to get surprised as the owner of a 3-star property is actively involved in social work too. He has helped many migrant labourers during the pandemic, distributed many food packets and vouchers, organised a blood donation camp, distributed many foods and medical vouchers to the people. He made sure that help was offered to everyone who needed it.


  1. It's rarely seen that an affluent guy has such a great spirit to do something for the sake of others.


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