Meet Mr Rakesh Rajdev who fought Corona Virus with the same dedication as the front line warriors. (Part 1,2)

Rakesh Rajdev is born and brought up in an environment where he was taught to give and never expect anything in return. His father Late Pratapbhai Rajdev was a gem of a person who has embedded his good deed and thoughts in his child – Mr Rakesh Rajdev. Mr Rakesh Rajdev is following in his father’s footsteps and is keen on helping the ones who are in need.

Kanuda Mitra Mandal and Rakesh Rajdev

Mr Rakesh Rajdev has been actively involved in all the social activities that were conducted by Kanuda Mitra Mandal. Today, we want to put light on one such deed that Kanuda Mitra Mandal has done under the guidance of Mr Rakesh Rajdev.

Mr Rakesh Rajdev’s contributions for Covid relief

Corona Virus has proved to be a deadly virus and has affected a lot of people. Covid has made the whole world go on halt because of its deadly consequences. When the world was on halt Kanuda Mitra Mandal was still working. It has helped around 3000 migrant workers to get back to their respective villages. 

He made sure that all the migrant kids were given toys and snacks so that they can reach their villages properly. Not only this, but Rakesh Rajdev also made sure that food packets were distributed to all the migrant workers in order to have their journey safe and secure. Apart from this, he has made sure that food was made available to all those during the lockdown so that nobody can sleep without eating.

Rakesh Rajdev has contributed a lot towards the society to help during the Covid-19. He has contributed a lot more than this which we are expecting in the next part 2 where he has really been successful in fighting Covid just like frontline warriors.

(Part 2)


As we have discussed in Part 1 about RakeshRajdev’s contributions towards Covid Relief, we would like to continue further with his contributions to fight Corona Virus.

Rakesh Rajdev and Roma Kristo Hotel

Mr Rakesh Rajdev is a well-known personality who is very humble and polite. He is the owner of the Roma Kristo Hotel in Dwarka which is a 3-star property. Rakesh Rajdev has always been successful in meeting all the needs of his customers. When you enter the hotel and you do not find him smiling and welcoming, well, you have not visited the hotel then. He is always present with his welcoming smile and with his kind heart, he is always keen on helping the ones in need. This hotel has many spacious rooms, warm hospitality, first-class service, excellent food, and a touching ambience.

Roma Kristo Hotel and Covid contributions by Rakesh Rajdev

This 3-star property owned by Mr RakeshRajdev was closed during the lockdown. Covid-19 has struck us so hard that the country has even faced those days when it was very difficult to find places and beds for Covid patients. It was then that Rakesh Rajdev came to the rescue. While everyone was busy donating and arranging beds for the Covid Patients, RakeshRajdev along with that also thought about the frontline warriors.

He understood the pain and stress they were going through. Thus, he opened his hotel and made arrangements for all the frontline warriors so that they can have a place to rest and get their energy and motivation all pumped up all again for they were the backbone to fight the Corona Virus away. A luxury treatment was provided to them, and their every need was taken care of by him.

This shows that his childhood teachings are bearing fruits. And he truly is the believer in helping hands without expecting.


  1. I was really surprised that how a man pave the way for so many sufferers to fought with the heart-wrenching situations of COVID-19.


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